Curious about what this approach is all about? How can it be different to what you already do? Try this interactive group presentation. It gives an overview of the secrets to getting more done at work including some practical tips for more effective efficiency.


The Secret to Workplace Productivity


Is it important to get more done at work? This seminar investigates why, what stops us and how we go about it. We discover 4 key steps to productivity that’s successful as well as sustainable. Delegates get a chance to assess their own experiences against the recommended guidelines to find out what they can do to get more done at work.


1.A clear understanding of why it’s important to get a balance between productivity and personal wellbeing.
2.Aware of personal blockers to getting things done.
3.A practical set of steps and new ideas to boost productivity.
4.A personal plan to make changes that can make a difference.

The approach was fresh and new- not one I’d come across before. The questionnaire and following exercises and discussions were thought provoking and helped get me thinking about how I can perform better and enjoy work more.