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Favourite Read

w640_116680_nappingThe impact of sleep on productivity isn’t new. The problem is often getting the right amount of rest to avoid impact on focus, creativity and motivation. This article posits the power of napping suggesting 10-15 mins as best for immediate impact. If getting to sleep at night is the problem, it suggests quietening the mindwith meditation. For full article click here.

Favourite Tool

w640_116757_passwordOne of the sweetest ways I know to be efficient is through the use of shortcuts – hacks that help you do a job in a fraction of the time. 1Password is one of my favourite hacks – a single password, behind which all other passwords are stored. I love it because it annihilates the time taken to set up, store and remember passwords. It’s not only faster, it’s more secure and less prone to error. To find out more, click here.

Favourite Experiment

w640_116723_eveningmealResearching how to get better sleep I’ve learned that the digestive process requires a lot of energy which impacts sleep quality. To give myself a better chance of restorative rest, I’ve been experimenting with eating by 8pm on weekdays. I’ve been feeling less groggy when I wake, ready for breakfast and more up for getting things done!

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