Director and Principal Consultant – Caroline Laycock

There’s an old Irish saying that claims ‘when God made time he made plenty of it.’   Being Irish, there’s a big part of me that wants this to be true.   However, the reality I see in workplaces day to day are people who are less time plenty and more time poor.


I used to feel that way too.   My early career as a change management consultant with Accenture brought me lots of interesting and stimulating assignments.    I specialised in creating training solutions in support of business transformation projects, working mainly for Government Agencies across Ireland and the U.K. While I relished the variety and loved working with talented people,  I didn’t know how to balance the expectations on my time with what I could offer.   Soon balance turned to imbalance, the work was all consuming and time became the commodity I craved most.


I decided to change course a little and using my skills as a trainer with 10 years’ corporate experience,  I became a professional effectiveness coach for Mind Gym.   During the past 5 years I’ve facilitated over 1000 training workshops with a wide range of clients from Bank of England to British Gas, Dyson to De Beers, Shell to Sony and many more.   I also joined the faculty of trainers at PwC Consulting,  responsible for delivering presentation skills and leadership training.


Over the years,  what I’ve observed to be essential for successful professional impact is the ability to get things done sustainably.   With fewer resources yet increasing demands on time, not to mention the pest of procrastination, this can be difficult to achieve.   My approach to productivity is practical and achievable.   Enabling me to get the most important things done without feeling exhausted in the process,  I work by the principles every day.


We’ll never be able to create more time so let’s consider a better way of using the time we’ve got.  If you or your team would benefit from getting more done at work sustainably,  I’d love to hear from you.   Get in touch today.

Lea Meier Thode

Experienced facilitator of learning and development processes focusing on leadership, people motivation and how to drive performance to the optimal stage for both the employees and the business.

Lea is originally from Denmark, born and raised on a small family farm on the country side near Germany, now living in Copenhagen. She enjoys hiking and skiing as well as taking some quite time with the newspaper or a good book.

Director – Abigail Ireland

We’re all on some kind of mission, right? Mine is to transform people into high performers in the workplace. To equip them with productivity-boosting tools, strategies and systems so they can get more done with more focus, more energy and less stress.


I spent years living, sleeping, breathing and eating the corporate life. My career took me on an amazing journey through private equity, banking, strategy and business management with major banks in London and Sydney. I thrived working on ways in which we could be more effective and ‘do things better’.


Whilst I loved my work, it came with long hours, high expectations, tight deadlines, constant change and competing demands on my time. I realised that I needed to change things if I wanted to keep performing at a high and sustainable level. That meant being smarter with my time, approach to business, mindset and wellbeing – physical and mental.


Over the years, I’ve delved deep into the world of high performance. I’ve created a way of working that is sustainable and in tune with my personal life. I take a 360-degree approach to coaching, workshops and consulting – integrating business productivity strategies with mental, physical and emotional factors that impact performance.


To complement my passion for business and personal improvement, I became a Master Personal Trainer with the Australian Institute of Fitness. I also became a certified Pilates Instructor and a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition – one of the largest and most respected companies in the world when it comes to performance-based nutrition.


I want to help you to be the best version of yourself, so you can achieve more at a higher level – ending each day satisfied that you gave it 100%. Once you’ve reached that level, you won’t want to go back. Get in touch and let’s take action.

Caroline is a very engaging, personable trainer, who is optimistic, positive and brimming with enthusiasm.  I would highly recommend her workshops.

Client TechnicianFiscalReps

Fantastic – I love your personal energy and delivery style. I loved the questionnaire – It provided a really strong platform (and sobering) for the whole session. It personalized all of the material and made it relevant.

Ken CowenSchool of Hard Knocks