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With my finger on the pulse of what works for busy people, I do the searching so you don’t have to. Here are my favourite fortnightly finds.

Favourite Read

Power of decision

Why does making a decision sometimes seems so difficult? Well the answer lies in the very origins of the word, which means "to cut off". But making decisions are incredibly important in order to go forward, and as a human being, they are your most powerful tool and...

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Oprah’s Way

If you feel like you can't cope with stress sometimes, breathe! You're not the only one. Stress and procrastination hit us all. The key is to find what coping mechanisms works for you. I found this short interview of Oprah Winfrey inspiring. Not because she seems to...

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Favourite Tool


In average, how many tabs would you say you usually have open at a time in your browser? If you're like me, the answer is: a lot. That's when OneTab comes in handy. This Chrome and Firefox extension allows you to convert all your tabs into a list, making it...

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If you're looking for a user-friendly and very well-rated CRM to help you drive your sales, Pipedrive received excellent review. It is fully mobile-optimised, easily integrate with Google Calendar, Contacts and other apps, and it allows you to efficiently manage your...

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We all have to-do lists, and diaries, and reminders blinking on our screens, and yet, all we sometimes want is a good note-taking app - a useful tool if you want to leave your tasks ready for you when you return (see my favourite experiment below). One with great...

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Smarter Time

I read about this app in the newspaper and thought you too would find if of interest. Using your location and input, Smarter Time automatically produces a calendar that helps you track your habits and identify what you spend (or waste) time on. A good tool if you can...

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Strict Workflow

If you are one to check your Facebook or Twitter instead of working, or spend hours browsing through Youtube videos, this is the App for you! Strict Workflow is a simple Chrome add-on to help you work in focused bursts of 25 minutes before allowing you to take a 5...

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Toggl is an online tool that tracks where you spend time. Free and extremely easy to use - just click the recording button when you start working on a particular website / document / project, and click stop when you're done. The time spent will be recorded to the...

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A huge time suck is the to and fro of organising a meeting. Avoid this with Calendly - scheduling appointments and meetings without the back and forth. Quick, easy and free to use while saving valuable time. Check out link here.

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Favourite Experiment

1 minute mindful breathing

It is peculiar to think that we've all been breathing since the day we were born, yet so few of us know the real impact of taking just one 1-minute mindful break a day can make on our personal and professional lives. Mindful breathing improves your focus, productivity...

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Dan Pink’s When

I've been loving reading Dan Pink's new book When. I'm picking up lots of great new tips that I look forward to sharing. One that's helped me this week is the concept of vigilance breaks to refresh energy when starting a new task. Especially helpful during energy...

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Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? The idea is to divide your time in chunks of 25 minutes, and evaluate how many chunks you need to complete one task. Knowing, you can organise your day into more productive chunks of work, and make sure you give...

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Morning routine

I love the idea of a morning routine but every day is different. What is consistent is to start the day on my agenda before it's hijacked by others. As simple as stretching or a few minutes of mindfulness or as indulgent as a jog or taking 20 minutes to read something...

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Having read and watched the article and video above, I realised I needed to stop multitasking! I told you before that I'd started completing less important tasks by processing them in batches, list at the ready, and completing them one after another. This keeps me...

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